HomeHelpLine Features

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Signing Up bedside unit

  • We will just need some basic information such as name, address and phone numbers from you. We will ask you for other important information including the following:
  • Basic medical history, Physicians’ name, Preferred Hospital, Known Allergies, Birth Date, preferred methods of entry to home.
  • We will also ask for your emergency contacts list or the people you would like us to notify if and when something were to happen. For audit purposes, we require street addresses as well as phone numbers. We can take the names of family, friends, neighbors, etc.


  • The HomeHelpLine console unit is a two way audio transmitter that features easy-to-see, clearly labeled buttons. It is connected to a home phone line or phone service that is wired through the home itself.
  • The HomeHelpLine console also runs on standard A/C power in your home. There is approximately a 48-72 hour battery back-up, in the event of a power loss to the home.

NOTE: If you only have cell phone service, please know that most telephone companies offer a “medical alarm” phone line, at an extremely discounted rate. Call your local phone company to find out if this is offered in your area.

  • Around the house you wear the wristband transmitter like a watch, or choose the neck pendant (with a safety breakaway feature).
  • These transmitters will work for up to 400 “clear air” feet from the unit.
  • The wristband and neck pendant are both water resistant- perfect for when you shower or wash the dishes.


HomeHelpLine doesn’t require any special equipment- just an electrical outlet and your home phone line. Our service technician will test everything, show you exactly how the unit works, and answer all of your questions, before he/she leaves the premises.

How it works

When you activate your transmitter the following will occur:

  • Your unit will say “Emergency… Emergency”, until our dispatch center acknowledges the alarm. (about 30 seconds)
  • When the dispatch center acknowledges the alarm, the unit will state “Emergency Reported”
  • You will hear the dispatcher through the console box who will ask if you are ok.
  • If you do respond, our EMT trained dispatchers will assess the situation and contact either the appropriate 911 center and/or your emergency contacts.
  • If you do not respond, our protocol is to activate the 911 system for your area. (this is for your safety and security). We will then call your emergency contact list and notify them.